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Living and Leading Accountably is pleased to present its website and its new found partnership.
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Prepping the November 20th Conference: Leaving and Leading Accountably - The Power of Trust

From left: Carol Ohler, Dan Ohler, Linda Maul, Marguerite LeBlanc, Corby Furrow – Focused on getting the important s**t done. 

We’re The Accountability Team, a community of collaborators that support a broader group of clients locally, nationally and internationally. We support our clients to lead self and others within our R.E.S.U.L.T.S. model so that they not only generate meaningful results but that they do so by leading accountably while spreading joy and connection. Yes, all three – results, relationships and connection – are possible. What kind of leader do you want to be? One who gets results and finds it hard to lead? Or a leader who gets results with joy through relationships with their people, at least most of the time. If you are a leader who wants to lead through relationships, contact us for support to help your leadership team to evolve in this manner.

The accountability team all in.

The Accountability Team is all in and we’ve defined our principles as they underpin how we create together and how we connect with clients to generate results that matter.

Our principles include:

1) Our presence fuels relationships and results.

2) Creating a safe space for ourselves and for our clients allows us all to do our best work.

3) Being a catalyst for growth includes speaking and hearing the truth.

4) Clarity with love and compassion supports clear expectations and accountability and balances these with our humaness as imperfect leaders.

5) Provocative, disruptive conversations spur deeper thought, experience and outcomes.

Launching Living and Leading Accountably and introducing The Accountability Team!

What’s Trust got to do with Accountability? The Accoutabillity Team members share their views on the relationship between trust and accountability in organizations, in primary relationships and of self.

Marguerite LeBlanc & Linda Maul share the Living & Leading Accountably R.E.S.U.L.T.S. model. The Accountability Team lives by this model.

Living & Leading Accountably – WITH JOY – you say. Is that even possible?

Our Team

Marguerite LeBlanc

Complexity ↓ Accountability ↑, Enjoyment ↑

Linda Maul

Ingniting Conversations That Matter

Carol Ohler

Communication Training
& Relationship Coach

Dan Ohler

Communication Training
& Relationship Coach


The Power of Trust

Coming January 21, 2020. A 1-day conference Living & Leading Accountably: The Power of Trust at the Double Tree Inn, West Edmonton

Read More Jan 21,2020

Millennial Leader Focus Group

Please join us for a no-cost focus group conversation to get clearer on the ways you wish to learn & grow as a leader. 

Read More January 23, 2020


The Power of Trust

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In this video, members of The Accountability Team share their views on what trust has to do with accountability in our organizations, in our primary relationship and in our relationship to self. Accountability and trust are complimentary – You can’t have one without the other!. The video is also a call to action to further deepen trust and increase accountability in all of our relationships by joining The Accountability Team and David Irvine ( for a 1-day conference of engaging workshops. There you’ll have the opportunity to connect with some new and familiar faces.  You will leave this conference with:

1) An understanding of the relationship between trust, connection and accountability.

2) A practical approach to trust that you can apply to all of your relationships.

3) Tools and strategies to foster high trust as a leader in all areas of your life. And you will have the opportunity to commit to living and leading even more accountably. See you there!


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