Coach Presence & Emotional Intelligence – Winnipeg, May 16, 2019

Coach Presence & Emotional Intelligence 1/2 Day Workshop with Padraig Coaching & Consulting in Winnipeg, Manitoba on May 16, 2019. Marguerite LeBlanc & Corby Furrow explored with a group of coaches the integration of emotional intelligence to support them to be more present before, during and after a coaching session and to co-create action plans that clients execute.

Coach presence before, during and after a coaching session is critical for coach well-being and for client results. Coach presence paves the road for the connection with the client that is needed to build and sustain trust to make personal and organizational transformation possible. Participants learned about the brain, nervous system science, including learning about the Vagal nerve, and the body as underpinnings of emotional intelligence. They learned how the relationship between coach and client, and hence the effectiveness of coaching, is impacted by the physicality, energy and emotions that they and their client bring into a coaching session. Coaches practiced mindfulness and emotional freedom techniques to be more aware of their emotional state, and examined triggers and glimmers to support their regulated nervous system. They practiced self-regulation to support co-regulation with their client. Coaches explored how a regulated nervous system generates clear thinking so that the coach and client can co-create meaningful action plans that their client consistently acts on.

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