Expectations & Results

Clear expectations set the stage for any team to get results. As a retired leader and engineer for whom I have a lot of respect once said: “Without clairty at the front end on needs and expectations and mutual agreement to what those really mean, you can surely expect your project to fail.”

A personal project that was fascinating to be a part of and that exceeded our expectations on many levels. My husband and I wanted some new artwork for our living room after we’d completed a home renovation project. After shopping the galleries and speaking with artists we didn’t find what we wanted. Our son is a creative guy and although he’d never painted anything as large as we wanted for, he offered to paint the picture for us. He translated my vision on a sketch and we all agreed that he would paint the scene that would meet our mutual expectations. We used a sketch to define our mutual expectations. What means do you use to ensure that you and your team have a shared understanding of clear expectations? Expectations are one factor in the Living and Leading Accountably R.E.S.U.L.T.S. model.

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